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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles - 21st Edition 2017 

Featured Columnists
Renee Charbonneau

Editor: The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

Owner: Belt Drive Betty Media Ltd.

Website URL: http://www.beltdrivebetty.com

Ken Aiken

Ken Aiken is the author of three motorcycle guidebooks, has been a contributing editor to several motorcycle magazines, is a contributor to a few more, and works as a motorcycle-tourism consultant for private businesses and tourism regions.

Website URL:

Liane Langlois

Edmonton, AB

M.O.D.E.L. Edmonton

Website URL: http://www.modeledmonton.com

Medric Cousineau

A.K.A. Seadawg

Founder of Paws Fur Thought

East Passage, NS

Website URL: http://www.pawsfurthought1.com

Chuck Pearce

Born and raised in Greater Van, I’ve called Surrey home for the past 20 years. I love to ride my 2012 SG and the open road is where I clear my head and get my thrills. The long and winding road of my life took me to many dark places and a number of near death encounters. Which led me on a spiritual journey -the ultimate road trip- which had resulted in God getting a hold of me in a jail cell in northern B.C. some eight years ago.

Kind of like the Hollywood script we sometimes see, “Hey Lord, you get me out of this and I’ll serve you. I’ll give my life to you.” I’m tired of doing things my way. . . they ain’t working out too well.” To cut to the chase, God came through with His side of the deal.  So a few months later he came a knocking and I got a clear sense he’d come to collect on my promise.  God opened the door for me in various ministry opportunities in the biker community, and just this past week I was ordained as the pastor of FREEDOM BIKER CHURCH, here in Surrey.

It’ll be two years in February since we launched our biker church and our Sunday church numbers have steadily increased to over a hundred people.  God has opened doors for me to prison ministry and recovery ministry, both of which have a link to the biker world and the work we do. 

I know that that God has given me a passion to serve Him and the biker community and I try to make it out to as many events and rides as possible to spread the message of freedom.  “Freedom in Christ”.

To find our more information about our ministry, check out our site @ www.freedombcsurrey.com

Love & Respect


a.k.a. Chuck Pearce

Website URL: http://www.solidrockbikerchurch.com

David Pocock

David Pocock lives in Southern Alberta and has been riding for more years than he really wants to admit.  His first motorcycle was a Kawasaki 55  and since then has owned and riden a number of diverse brands such as Triumph, BSA and yes even a Harley or two.  David has riden in such diverse places as the UK, Puerto Rico, and much of North America with the farthest North being somewhere around Slave Lake and as the farthest South, Mexico City.
When asked why he would write for Busted Knuckle chronicles, David's best answer is, "Why not share some of the fun and maybe cause some conversation amongst my brothers and sisters of the road?"

Website URL:

Wayne Wuschke

Wayne Wuschke a.k.a. Uncle Monkey is a motor journalist born in the sticks of rural Saskatchewan now living in Moose Jaw.

He has been actively building motorcycles and cars for over thirty years. In his past he attended the University of Regina taking Engineering and was a founding member of the Regina Chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers better known as SAE International.

Wayne is a proud member of the Southern Independent Riders. His weekly column shines a spotlight on life from the two wheels on the open road.

Website URL:

Michael Bechard

Brings us news from The Lone Wolf Clubhouse 

Website URL: http://www.lonewolfclubhouse.com

Denise Dollz

Alberta Event Reporter

A.K.A. Rambling Ryllie

Website URL:

JO (Gunny) Gilliland

Hi. Im Gunny. Im a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. Im a RCEME Weapons Technician and I ride a motorcycle. I grew up with motorcycles, veterans and the military being intermixed and the closest symbol to freedom as I ever remember.

Website URL:

Berzerkerz Racing

Berzerkerz Racing are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who promote the Canadian Motorcycle Drag Racing Association. We believe in safe operation of motorcycles, and like to have a good adrenaline filled race on two wheels!  

In the Winter of 2011, we purchased our first bike. There was only 1 Derringer Powered Pro Dragster in Canada at that time. Evan Barsness received his All Harley Drag Racing Association (AHDRA) 6.9 Second Pro License at the Hawaya Racing Nitro Bike School, in Rockingham North Carolina, in May of 2012. Before the end of that weekend, we had struck a deal and purchased our second Pro Dragster. In the 2013 season we purchased our third Pro Dragster and at the end of the 2014 season a fourth Pro Dragster was acquired.

Berzerkerz Racing is now the largest Pro Dragster Nitro Harley Team in the World, with 4 Derringer Powered Nitro Harley Pro Dragsters and four licensed Pilots; Evan Barsness, Doug Hadley, Jaimie Williams and Aaron Barsness. We have over ten more dedicated members in our Support Pit Crew and various volunteers who love to come out and join in the action! Combined with the Support Vehicles, Trailers and Pit Crew Equipment needed to make all this possible; we have ourselves quite the operation!

The 2015 was a great year for racing, the field of Nitro Harley's grew considerably to 13 bikes. Doug Hadley ran a 7.56 at 167 mph in Medicine Hat last year for his new personal best giving him a 1st place finish at the finals and 3rd overall for the season. Evan Barsness had two 2nd place finishes in the season and ran his own personal best, a 7.50 sec at 171 mph. Jaimie Williams and Aaron Barsness had a good season as well, "We didn't win - but we never loose at the track."

2016 is bringing us many challenges with the economic downturn. Berzerkerz Racing Team are heavily sponsored by companies in the oil and gas sector and we are hopeful that we can count on their continuing support. We are always looking for new sponsors; our Fans and Sponsors are what make this dream possible and we sincerely appreciate everything they have done for us!

We also proudly sponsor the CMDRA events, some of the Medicine Hat Race Trophies in the name of Ma Hadley, the Medicine Hat AB Youth Action Society and Big Brothers Big Sisters, and U of A Stollery Children's Hospital. All of our Team sponsors are promoted at CMDRA, IHRA, and NHRA events in the community of motor sports at various venues across Canada and the USA, as well as online at www.dragbike.com, www.bustedknucklechronicles.com and on our Home Blog at www.berzerkerzracing.com

If you or your company are interested in sponsoring us, please email Evan Barsness or Jaimie Williams at berzerkerzracing@outlook.com

See You At The Track!

Contact Us at 

Stay Tuned at

CMDRA logo

Website URL: http://www.berzerkerzracing.com

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