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7th Edition 2018 

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 06:33

NWRA Steel City Chapter 8th Annual Christmas Eve for our Fallen

NWRA Sadly when so many Canadian’s think of our heroic war dead, we think of those brave young soldiers buried far from home in places like Vimy, Normandy, Ortona, and Korea.

But there are over a quarter million of our veterans, many of whom fought in and survived those very battles, that are buried right here in Canada, in military cemeteries all across this great nation. 
We are inviting everyone, veterans, military personnel and the general public to come to Woodland Cemetery this Christmas Eve to show your gratitude to our fallen. We promise you, you will never forget the sight of these beautiful candles glowing bright red as they adorn the tops of military headstones lined row after row.
With your help, we will place a candle on every military headstone in the UPPER portion of Woodland Cemetery, Hamilton Ont. We will gather at 4:00 PM Dec 24th and the service will begin at 4:30pm to prepare for sunset at 4:49 pm. We will be playing old time Christmas Carols and taking a moment of silence to remember those that gave so much for us. We will conclude the service by 5:15 pm to allow you plenty of time to get home so you can enjoy Christmas Eve with your loved ones.
There is no preparation required on your part. Bring nothing with you, all we ask is that you dress warmly and come happy. There will be plenty of North Wall members on hand to guide you and show you what to do. The candles will be distributed following a brief ceremony. 
Please bring your children and help teach them the value of freedom because it is for them that we remember and honour the sacrifice of our military heroes.
It is the hope of our members that events like our candlelight vigils will instill a sense of pride, gratitude and commitment to our brave men and women that have served and sacrificed for our country and our freedom.
Keven Ellis KStG
President NWRA Steelcity

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