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Road Trip Rita

Wednesday, 18 March 2020 21:51

PARDS Equine Partner Spotlight Featured

PARDS Equine Partner Spotlight PARDS Equine Partner Spotlight

pards valentineAbove and beyond their cuteness and friendly natures that stole the hearts of everyone who supported our Valequine fundraiser, these two PARDS ponies play an important role in PARDS Programs.

pards valentine
Chevy is a 6 year old black and white miniature pony. Chevy comes to PARDS through the generosity of Kathy McNally who has been leasing Chevy to PARDS since 2017. She has been part of the Little Pony Motricity and our cart driving programs which makes her a very versatile partner to our riders/drivers. She is a step up from our smaller minis in height, standing at 9.3 HH , is more narrow and simulates a larger horse's movement. She is a great confidence builder because of her quiet and forgiving nature. Chevy doesn’t feed off of nervous energy, making her a happy quiet pony for any rider/driver and why she was voted one of the Sweethearts of the Year!
Buttercup is a 14 yr old welsh cross pony who has been with PARDS since the fall of 2019 thanks to a lease from Laurie Prichuk. She stands at 12.2 HH high which makes her the perfect pony for our smaller riders both new and experienced as she works well both on a lead line and independently. She is narrow which make riding more comfortable for anyone with tight abductors, such as some riders with Cerebral Palsy. Her choppy pony walk and narrow back challenges a rider's balance, is good for children with speech delays as it helps open their diaphragm and for riders with shorter attention spans (ADD/ADHD) as when a horse moves quicker/choppier the rider has to focus more to stay balanced than if they were on a slower horse. Buttercup has recently started in our public rider program as well for some of the smaller independent riders and has been doing fantastic. She will be a great walk, trot, and canter pony for our smaller riders. Her personality is very calm and sweet making it very easy for newer riders to feel more at ease and fall in love with and why she was chosen as one of the Sweetheart's of the year.
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