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Behind the Scenes at Ecuador Freedom Featured

Behind the Scenes at Ecuador Freedom Behind the Scenes at Ecuador Freedom

equador freedom jbBond. James Bond. On Two Wheels.

The summer in the Northern Hemisphere might be drawing to an end, but here at the sunny equator, we’re always in full riding season. This fall, we’re working on our first-ever all-female motorcycle tour, and we’ve got several other surprises in store for you.

Running a motorcycle rental and tour operation is a little like directing a James Bond movie. We figured we’d invite you to come along and take a peek at our clandestine operations.

Here’s what happens behind the scenes at Freedom Bike Rental.

Court and Sylvain, founders of Freedom Bike, are both “M,” but often have to take on the roles of fieldagents. Court and Sylvain scout tour routes, visit hotels, buy new bikes, attend bike shows and rallies, and lead tours to ensure the entire operation is running smoothly. They can be found traversing an obscure mountain trail on off-road bikes, sampling local cuisine in a small Amazonian village, testing a newHusqvarna 701, or rescuing a lost traveler using a GPS tracking system - all in the course of one day. “Putting a route together is like curating a museum or creating an experience for people.  

equador freedom

"We want it all to flow together and create an overall beautiful experience.  A great ride can be ruined by a terrible night’s sleep or a bad meal.  So it is all about getting everything together – great roads, great food, good hotels, and the experiences and activities along the way. We love finding special places and people along our routes because this is what creates the best memories – great riding alone just isn’t enough”, Court explains.


Jean Brown, who has lived and worked in Ecuador for over 40 years, has the connections and the local know-how and works on hotel reservations and bookings for our tours.  Jean has written several guide books on Ecuador including the South America Handbook.

equador freedom

She helps us find the right places and keep our relationships with hoteliers positive and happy. She handles thousands of hotel bookings each year and travels around to make sure they keep up their quality standards. Jean does research to help us discover new places. Jean is our secret weapon and our revered Quartermaster.

Mister Moneypenny

Florian, our Sales Manager, is juggling customer inquiries and tour bookings. With 52 motorcycles, an all-year-round operation, and 26 distinct tours on offer, this is no small feat, but Florian’s got it all under control.

equador freedom

While on the road, the office staff monitors our customers via onboard tracking devices.  If help is needed to find an alternate route or provide support, we have a 24-hour assistance line for our customers. We have three rugged, off-road capable support vehicles that can be dispatched to help with roadside assistance anywhere in the country. Our faithful office bees, support staff, and special tour agents are all trained in first aid and knowledgeable about the motorcycles.  With self-guided tours, we make sure there is someone to give the pre-ride briefing who knows the route our customers will ride, having ridden it a few times themselves.

Unlike car rental agencies and many other motorcycle agencies, our staff is not trying to "upsell" things like insurance and extra gear. We don’t need to, We include most everything already.  They instead focus on making sure the customer feels knowledgeable and that they are well organized and able to handle an emergency. Everyone has been trained in first aid and emergency management as well as basic motorcycle mechanics. In other words, all you’ve got to do is show up and ride – and we take care of everything else.

The Operational Officers

Managing our fleet of bikes and 4x4’s is all about qualified mechanics and the workshop team. All bikes are washed in-house by a trained mechanic, then they are inspected, lubricated, and test-driven as soon as they are returned. Finally, the bikes are then handed over to our office team who polishes them up, checks the bikes over, and changes the tires according to its next ride – off-road or mostly paved.  

equador freedom

In the background, replacement parts are ordered and coordinated.  It takes several weeks for parts to arrive in Ecuador from manufacturers, so we need to plan this carefully.  Our computer program keeps track of mileage and scheduled maintenance and tells us when we need to take bikes for their annual government safety inspection and when we need to change the batteries or brake fluids. 

With 52 bikes in our fleet, this requires some computing power and precise coordination.
Our accounting department deals with payments and with the South American style bureaucracy processing myriads of paperwork, licenses, audits, and inspections that we face each year as well as ensures our taxes fees are paid on time.
Designing unforgettable motorcycle tours isn’t just about riding bikes. We deal with hundreds of moving parts each day, but just like with the MI6, you don’t see the operation – just the adventure, and that’s what we love. We know that there is no such thing as a statistical adventure rider: there is no age or nationality to indicate a specific demographic. We are all united by the love for motorcycling and an openness to adventure. Come and join ours

Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental is a member of the Rider Friendly Business Association. Visit their Listing and give them a review!

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